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WoW 002: On true wealth [Words of Wisdom]

I've been thinking a lot about wealth lately. I'll probably share variations on this theme in the future, but for today let's reflect on what true wealth looks like.

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On true wealth

Moses failed to enter the promised land. He died never accomplishing his most significant goal. Many would say this was a massive failure.

Perhaps you won't fully realize your greatest dreams.

Maybe it will just look different than you envisioned.

But I hope you have a dream so large, a desire to serve others so deep that you spend your life pursuing it and sacrifice comfort and security to pursue it.

Yet Moses had true wealth because he empowered the next generation, entrusting his influence to Joshua. He left a true legacy. He finished well even though he never ultimately left the desert.

Generational wealth means empowering those who follow you and making space for them to take the lead and surpass you. It means living out your values with integrity and authenticity, so others want to head in the same direction. It is showing what good looks like.

Make it your life's purpose to serve a community so that what you have gained in life benefits the next generation.

A Quote

"Countless people experience their existence as dull, boring, stagnant, and routine. They lack inner vitality, a deep desire to be alive. For them, every day is just another day, often filled with many things to do but seldom offering profound human satisfaction. This is the experience of living without bearing fruit. But, fortunately, some men and women have a deep sense of their value–precisely because they are in touch with the life-giving qualities of their existence. Their joy brings forth joy, and their peace brings forth peace. They make us aware of the holy contagiousness of all that lives."

Henri Nouwen, Lifesigns

A Question

If you can't buy what is most valuable in life, how are you investing?


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