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Betrayed Partner Groups

Are you ready to connect more deeply?

Experiencing sexual betrayal can be devastating. Don't go through this process alone.

Most women who have experienced sexual betrayed have never had a safe, intentional space to connect openly and deeply with others. 

Where can you openly talk about these things in a helpful way?

What if there is a way to learn how to live into God's design for our life, face the things in ourselves we've been too scared to face, and strengthen ourselves through a courageous community of other women?

We are wounded by others and healed by others. You are not alone. That's what this 16 week group is. It's an all-in deep dive into authentically showing up and learning how to find your voice, see your value, not be defined by the brokenness, and heal. 

What is it?

Betrayed Partner Groups are intentional spaces led by a female Christian professional to help you connect more deeply with God, self, and others. 16–week cohorts are designed for women to get their heart back, and heal from wounds.

  • A safe space with other Christian women on the same journey

  • Valuing yourself

  • Trusting yourself

  • Finding your voice 

  • Understanding betrayal trauma and addiction

  • Skills for communicating with your partner

  • Learn about boundaries and how to live into them

  • Community to pray and grieve with 

  • 16 weeks

  • 5-8 women

  • 1 female Christian professional

  • 90 minutes a week

  • $100/week

Hope for transformation

You may be in a place of great pain, despair, or questioning if you can experience breakthrough from the betrayal you have experienced and from your strongholds. 

The good news is ​there is deep hope for your life. Your betrayal is part of your story but it is not the end of your story.

God is not done with you yet.

We live in an amazing world with decades of research and countless years of wisdom that teach us how to grow and thrive. All of this is based on the wisdom and truth of Scripture that we apply to these groups.

We have worked with many women who started out with deep doubts and uncertainty about whether their lives could be changed, their marriages or relationships changed, or simply uncertain on how to navigate the seemingly impossible challenges they faced.

We have seen powerful breakthroughs and transformation through groups that is uniquely powerful and different than individual counseling.

Why is this? Why can we point to such success?

A skills-based, relational, Spirit-led approach​

Consider that no one is born knowing how to relate deeply others. We all have to learn the skills of connection, intimacy, communication, and how to navigate conflict. 


Many of us lacked healthy examples of relationships in our childhood. And what we know and how we behave in relationships is deeply tied to how we were raised and the environment we grew up in.

But learning these skills is possible, and that's where we come in. You can grow in new skills that can improve the quality of your relationship and the satisfaction you experience.

As the Spirit of God speaks to our group leaders and group members, amazing growth will occur. The power of applying biblical truth in authentic relationships is simply stunning. 

As your skills grow, you can come to see others and even yourself in new ways, and as you apply these skills with this change in perspective, you can create a new cycle of growth. Through the support of this group you can grow in ways that might be difficult to envision today. But the ground of our pain and disconnection can hold the seeds of new transformation, hope, and healing. 


"I never imagined I would be THAT woman. I'm learning to find value in myself again."

*Kelly, 36

"I felt completely desperate and shattered inside when I first found Ginny after years of living with the insanity of my husband's addiction....With her help, I found the courage to do the inner work necessary to heal." 

*Amy, 51

"I feel like we have a whole different life now. I can't convey in words how good our marriage is now. It's just unbelievable – his sobriety, our closeness...It sounds weird to say but I'm thankful we went through it. It was really tough getting here, but this was worth it. I'm so thankful."

*Krystal, 33

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality

How will I grow?

  1. Deeper connection to God through intentional connection with others 

  2. Realize you are not alone

  3. Receive and give support

  4. Develop skills to navigate conflict

  5. Find new ways to communicate

  6. Insight into your spiritual strongholds

  7. Understanding and healing of past wounds and trauma

  • 16 weeks

  • 5-8 women

  • 1 female Christian professional

  • 90 minutes a week

  • $100/week

Location ​

These groups takes place in online groups.

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