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16 week Couples Connection Skills Group

What is it?

The Couples Connection Skills Group is a 16 week couples group designed to help you and your partner improve your relationship by deepening your connection.

What will we learn?

  1. Communication Skills that help you to overcome 

  2. misunderstandings, miscommunications and conflict

  3. Strategies for disarming conflict before it escalates

  4. How to make a repair when one of you has been hurt

  5. How to make a good apology and grow in your ability to forgive

  6. The 7 elements that grow emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy

Hope for your relationship​

You may be in a place of great pain, despair, or questioning if your relationship can survive. Maybe this is a result of year upon year of growing apart, or maybe you are facing intense betrayal.


The good news is that despite the difficulty, difficulties don't kill relationships. Hopelessness kills relationships, not the difficulties or pain you are facing. Hopelessness is a toxin that can spread to the point of no repair.

There is hope for your relationship. 


We live in an amazing world with decades of research and countless years of wisdom that teach us how to grow and thrive in a relationship.

I've worked with many couples who started out with deep doubts and uncertainty about if their marriage could be saved, or simply uncertain on how to navigate a difficult challenge together.


So far, every couple I've worked with who doesn't give up on the hope of their marriage has been able to restore it. Finding new experiences of closeness and connection is possible for you. In my experience it's been exceedingly rare for a marriage to end under my care. 

Why is this? Why can I point to such success after more than a decade of doing couples and marriage therapy?

A Skills-based Approach​

Consider that no one is born knowing how to be a partner in a relationship. We all have to learn the skills of connection, intimacy, communication, and how to navigate conflict. 


Many of us lacked healthy examples of relationships in our childhood. And what we know and how we behave in relationships is deeply tied to how we were raised and the environment we grew up in.


But learning these skills is possible, and that's where I come in. You can grow in new skills that can improve the quality of your relationship and the satisfaction you experience. As your skills grow, you can come to see your partner and even yourself in new ways, and as you apply these skills with this change in perspective, you can create a new cycle of growth. Through the support of therapy this growth can grow you in ways that might be difficult to envision today. But the ground of our pain and disconnection can hold the seeds of new transformation, hope, and healing. 


"Josh has brought calm and sense to a situation that I truly felt was out of control. I have gained tools to lead the life I have always wished for and my marriage that looked like it was ending is actually growing again with a closeness that we have never had."

*William, 55 / Small Business Owner

"My life would be awful if God didn't lead me to Josh's practice...I am no longer a slave to my lustful thoughts, I am more grounded, confident, have a direction and purpose, and my relationship with the Lord has improved as a result."

*Samuel, 24 / Student

 "Josh has helped me get through some hard times in life. He's helped me see patterns in my life that have gotten me into bad situations and supported me in making changes and breaking bad habits. He's always caring, supportive, yet not afraid of some gentle confrontation."

*Megan, 43 / Health Care Professional

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality

Locations ​

We are currently seeing all clients via video. Our clients, especially couples with kids, find this a convenient, safe, and efficient way to do the deep work of counseling.

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